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PIBROS  rc model modification by Janis from Latvia


During the research period in Munich, (Germany) I still had the same hobby and built a wing called Pibros. A large piece of the wing was cut away to bring the CG forward at the desired place otherwhise the plane was unstable and stalled. The plane rolls very easy since the control surfaces are far away from the center. Up-down stearing is less efficient. The model glides much worse than Zagi-type wing, but is smaller and easy to take in the public transportation. It is much fun to fly Pibros for 30 min untill the neck starts to hurt. 

Next modification sawing 20 g weight was a rewinded motor from a CD-Rom with strong magnets. Weight 25 g  20 turns  202 g thrust with 7" prop 4.2 A current. With 15 turns (diam 0.5 mm), 248 g thrust at current 6 A. Model flight weight is 220 g.  Model became lighter with the same thrust  and was gliding slowlier making CDRom motor a useful improvement. 

Flight place was Froetmanig near Munich. The hang gliding did not work because the model was too heavy. This was compensated by the motor that was so strong that brought the model high up in 10 seconds. 





The wing  was cut with a hot wire from a polystirene block and covered with tape. The wing was reinforced by 2 carbon rods. It was difficult to launch it by hand as there is no place for good grip, but catapult launch worked good. This model was given away to my cousin for learnig to control plane models.